Long Term Care

When one of your staff members is no longer able to care for himself or herself, who is going to pay the considerable expenses involved with a visiting health care professional (such as a nurse or trained attendant), or residence in a health care facility?

The solution, of course, is qualified long term care insurance. Coverage like this can provide the necessary care, pay ensuing bills and help prevent financial disaster. This is especially important today as more and more people are living longer, and thereby increasing their risk of medical dependency.

What’s included?

Long term care covers all the care given by skilled or intermediate nursing care while still living at home, or additional professional fees and expenses should the patient become a resident in a health care facility. Policies can differ both in what they charge for premiums and the coverages they include.

Narver Insurance can help you wade through all the details, and get you the affordable, flexible coverage that best matches your situation.