Our firm has worked in the arena of professional liability/errors and omissions coverage for almost 20 years. During that period of time we have worked with an estimated 1700 law firms in 44 states as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. Although not all of our assignments have been exclusively related to professional liability issues, as many as 85% of them have had that issue at its core. Every one of those roughly 1450 law firms had a broker and we have come to know that community very well indeed.We have found that, unhappily, the vast majority of brokers (both local and Surplus Lines) often have little real involvement with their clients and their clients’ concerns. Even fewer of the brokers with whom we have dealt become intimate with the causal factors which may have led to claims the firm may have suffered. Asked not long ago by an E & O Underwriter if we could supply her with a list of brokers with whom we had dealt who became truly engaged with their clients on the subject of preventing claims, our response was, “There’s no list, we only know of a handful.”

Narver Insurance is one of those very special Brokers. They treat each of their clients as individual entities and they become truly intimate with the issues and pressures which are extant within their client firms. They also provide risk management services of their own as part of their service package and without additional fees. Most importantly, they genuinely care about the outcome and because they have the ability to reach all of the appropriate E & O markets they are in a position to give their clients a full range of options including choices for those unfortunate firms that have had a difficult claims history and who are having problems finding any coverage at all.

We highly recommend Narver Insurance to any law firm and are available to discuss this recommendation with any firm that wishes to contact us.

Thomas Berman
Berman & Associates

I wholeheartedly recommend Narver Insurance for E&O insurance brokerage services.In January 2009, Narver Insurance was appointed as broker for the White Zuckerman firm, with the expectation of receiving better advice and assistance regarding management of the firm’s practice and placement of the firm’s E&O policy. In both areas, the services were delivered as promised.

Although the firm was knowledgeable in risk management/loss prevention, the addition of analysis and advice from Wes Hampton has given the firm an additional “push” to further implement fundamental practices. His participation has assisted the firm’s management in strengthening client intake procedures, retainer agreements and receivables management. He has worked with staff and the management committee to focus on specific issues. The result, due in part to this advice, has been improved management and profitability of the firm.

Regarding professional liability placement, Narver has provided leadership in negotiating renewals and in improving the firm’s image with underwriters. This has been accomplished by combining the practice management with the application; all of the areas underwriters want addressed in the application have been addressed by the activities around practice management. Now that several meetings have taken place with the underwriters, the firm’s credibility has increased by showing accomplishment in the areas underwriters are most concerned about.

Personal conversations with underwriters has also helped. Narver does everything possible to improve and personalize the relationship between the underwriters and the insured. The White Zuckerman partners and management now have good relationships with the underwriters and underwriters have every confidence in the firm’s integrity and commitment to maintaining a mutual beneficial relationship.

William F. Wolf
Senior Partner
White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt, LLP